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October 2-4 • Greater Philadelphia Expo Center • 100 Station Ave, Oaks PA 19456



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Company Category Booth #
Abraham's Natural Foods Natural Health A42
Akashic Hands Energy Healer B21
Alimtox Ion Generator Ionic C306,C305
Angel Chatter by Chris Alexandria Angel Coach C602
Atiya Ola's Spirit First Food Raw Food Food
Aura Photography - Healings And Readings Aura Photography C411
Aurva Naturals Aromatherapy, Essential Oils B55
Ava Anderson Non Toxic - Sharon Mahan Skin Care B22
Avalon Trading Jewelry C600
Bath Fitter Home Improvements B62
BeatCancer.org Cancer Edu. C506
Be Balanced Hormone Weight Loss Ctr. Weight Loss C416
BioMat Network BioMat B26
BirgitCare Iridology and Teas B23
Blue Turtle Intuitive Counseling Tarot A02
Body Talk MidAtlantic Assoc. Healing System B44, B46
Chrysalis Bleu Jewelry C312
Consultant & Advisor Polly Psychic A28
Creative Marketing Ventures Marketing Lobby
Creative Seminars Tapes C303
David Young Sound Healing B36
Desai Farms Spiritual Identity Scents A20
Dr. Christian Von Lahr Reader B48
Eckankar Spiritual C315
EMF Protection Phone Protection A18
Essential Scents Aromatherapy A08
Golden Ratio Products Frequency Glassware C311
Good Juju Apparel Clothing B68
Good Vibrations - Gifts for Heart & Home Art, Reading, Sound Therapy C508
Govinda's Gourmet Vegetarian Food Food
Green Mountain Energy Energy C414
Hamsa Pefume Nature Perfume A41
Health and Beauty Connection Vibration Machines C304
Health Secrets USA Supplements B30
Hearthfire Henna: natural henna body art Henna A13
Hypnosis Services Of Delaware Hypnosis A30
IDLife IDLife A39
Intentions Jewelry Jewelry-Frequency C300
Isagenix Supplements A21
IVC Infusions.com Nutritional (IV) A01
Jeff the Sheet and Pillow Guy Hypoallergenic Sheets, etc. C608
Jing A1 Cosmetics Cosmetics A03
Jo Jayson Expressions of the Goddess Art C319
Judy Kay, Psychic Medium Psychic B07
Juice Plus+ Juice Plus A09
Kacelia Tru-Align Body System Posture  Align Tools C309
Ketones Keto Os Supplements A40
Kitchen Saver Home Improvements B29
Lali S. Kakar Psychic B66
Laura Chalfant DoTerra B40
Love Appreciate Forgive LAF Apparel C415
Lynn Rene MacDonald Spiritual reader/healer A14
Massaging Insoles Massaging Insoles C417
Messages from Margaret Book Author, Channeling C413
Mysterium Music Music, CDs for Healing A16
Natural Awakenings Magazine Health/Spiritual Magazine C317
Nerium International Nerium-skincare A12A
Nutrition Master Foods Nutritional Food C313
Nutrition Response Testing Allergist/nutritionist C601
Orange Expo Mini-massage A23
Palm & Hair Readings by Ted Reader A07
PassItOnword Semi Precious B34
Pourpre Lune Spirit Work A25
Psychic Medium - Bob Kenny Psychic A12
Reflections Of Aine Fairy Crafts A43
Reiki Orgone Reiki Master C308
Relax Saunas Saunas C610
Resq Organics Skin Care C307
Robert Taub+ Reader A10
Robert Wood Reader A27
Sean Jones Healing Energy Healing, Massage B05
Slomin's Inc. Security Home Heating Oil A19
Spirit Medium Karen T. Hluchan Psychic B20
SproutGrowers.com Health B38
Susan Balaban Designs Jewelry B28
Svaroopa Vidya Ashram Yoga B57
Tea of Life Health Inc. Herbs C604
The Blessed Self Psychic A05
The Bodhi Tree Crystals & Gems C502,C504
The Fingerprint Code Self Help B53
The Healing Modality of Singing Bowls Singing Bowls B02, B03
The Health Spectrum Healer and Supplements B32
The Humane League Humane Society B41
The Path To Heal Healing Grids and Cards C418
The Salt Vault Himalayan Salt Products C420
Three Pure Rivers Chi-Gong, Tai-Chai C310
Tigerlilly Boutique & D. Johnson Custom Apparel C701 & C702
True Organic Juice Juice A26
TJ's Rocks And Gemcrafts Rocks/Stones C301,C302
Up Your Frequency Sacred Geometry Jewelry C606
Visionary Portraits by Darragh.com Spiritual Art B60
Vitamix Vitamix Juicer C3 vitamix
World Shaolin Kingfu Assoc./Qigong Wellness Energy Healing C410
Young Living Essential Oils Young Living Essential Oils A06



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The Mind Body Spirit Expo will be giving out

free samples, courtesy the following companies

(more to come!):




Take Cold-EEZE® whenever you start to feel cold symptoms. Our unique zinc gluconate formula releases zinc ions to fight your cold virus. Cold-EEZE® lozenges have been clinically proven to shorten the duration of the common cold by almost half.






479° began with a fond childhood memory of cozy evenings spent playing cards and devouring fresh popcorn with my family. Over the years, I experimented with making my own organic popcorn and flavoring it with exotic seasonings inspired by my international upbringing and training at Le Cordon Bleu in London. In the process, I came upon the discovery that 479 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for popping corn. As we continue the tradition of making this satisfying organic snack by hand, using the highest quality ingredients, our hope is that 479° will become a treasured indulgence for you too.





My name is Kasondra and I run a family owned and operated bakery based out of Bellingham, WA. We pride ourselves on making the best tasting, nutritious and gluten-free products on the market. We have been in business for over 14 years and are continuing to come up with new and exciting flax based, gluten-free products. Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality product, produced in a dedicated gluten, nut and dairy free facility.





GoMarco was founded to promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. We are a family-owned company that puts our heart and soul into a natural, whole-based lifestyle. A macrobiotic diet is the key to a long, healthy life. If nature did not make it, we do not use it!





Justin's make all-natural and organic almond butter, hazelnut butter, peanut butter

and milk, white and dark chocolate peanut butter cups products. Our products are made with common sense. A sense that cooking in small batches ensures higher quality. And that selectively choosing fine, all-natural ingredients will make it taste better. We think you’ll agree.





Quit Tea is a blend of herbs and spices that will help you quit smoking naturally, easily, and for good. It helps you replace the habit of smoking, with the habit of drinking herbal tea, the key to lasting quit smoking success. Quit Tea is the best product you can use for the Substitution Strategy for Quitting Smoking.





Weleda Arnica Massage Oil is an intensive, warming body oil that's been a staple of massage therapists for 93 years to soothe muscle soreness and ease muscle aches caused by overuse or exercise. Wildcrafted arnica flower extract, proven to soothe sore muscles, helps ease pain and boast a warming effect. A base of sunflower seed oil and olive oil nourish and hydrate skin as birch extract delivers detoxifying effects. While your skin soaks in the muscle-soothing properties, a pure, natural essential oil fragrance of lavender and rosemary helps calm your mind. With body and mind nourished and relaxed, tight, aching muscles quickly become a thing of the past.





Our story begins when Tyler was living with the Kichwa people in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It was then he was introduced to guayusa – a naturally caffeinated tree leaf brewed like tea, consumed early in the morning to help interpret dreams and late at night to provide energy and clarity while hunting in the jungle. He loved the earthy flavor, smooth taste, and energy boost he got from the leaf.





Whole grains provide sustained energy for whatever the day brings. Our whole grain cereals are healthy, delicious ways to launch the morning. They make for healthy snacks, too. Wake up to the many sensational cereals of Hodgson Mill. And “Have a Grain Day!”





Proud descendant of the first soft drink, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale is delicious, sparking and rich with whole ginger (long enjoyed for digestive comfort.) Unique among ginger ales, it's made with only fresh ginger {no ginger extracts} and pure cane sugar. Whether we add whole leaf jasmine tea or the finest passion fruit pulp, all flavors start with this deliciously simple formula. Unfiltered, with tiny ginger particles, and shaken slightly before pouring, it has the adult "mouth feel" of a beer or wine. It even provides iron, calcium and a little vitamin A and C. Enjoy!





100% natural and non-toxic alternatives to the chemical based personal care products now in general use. Including; handmade bar soaps for sensitive skin, anti-aging products, 100% natural shower gels, castile liquid soaps and non-toxic cleaners. Our products are so natural, they’re certified to USDA organic food standards by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).





Youtheory is all about feeling good and living to the fullest, like we all did in our youth. We believe health comes from the inside. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products to enhance your overall health and wellness. We want our customers to choose our products because of the way they make them feel, inside and out. Aging is not a curse, but a blessing, so embrace it. Youtheory is here to help you age beautifully and thrive daily.





Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream is the safest alternative to all prescription and non-prescription OTC pain relieving medication. It stimulates and supports the body's desire to "Heal the Damage that is Causing the Pain". Topricin's 11 homeopathic medicines are proven to be safe and effective for the elderly, children, pregnant women and all skin types. Experience Topricin's relief for damaged muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve tissue.





By buying ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Teas and herbal supplements, you not only enjoy premium quality, you also participate in and empower a holistic mission that supports the environment, promotes sustainable organic agriculture and protects the bio-diversity of the Earth, while supporting thousands of marginal farmers and tribal communities in rural India.






We’re built on two simple principles…healthy products and community responsibility. We were the first to make an all - beef protein nutrition bar and believe we have the cleanest and simplest beef bar available. We are honest to a fault and will never try to “sell” you anything. We know what sets us apart from other health bars and we will share that with you.





There’s healthy. There’s tasty. Then there’s healthy and tasty. At KIND®, we believe you deserve both—we call it our brAND philosophy. What began with just 8 bar varieties in 2004 has grown to over 22 bars and 6 Healthy Grains snackable clusters, and a multitude of new recipes being perfected and refined to our standards in the KIND® kitchen. We are always be thinking up new ways to delight your taste buds and keep your body happy.





Founded in 1946 in Easton, PA, Keystone manufactures healthy, delicious and unique snacks and is committed to bringing the very best in quality and taste to all the snack foods they create. Real Veggie Chips are baked instead of being fried, kosher, gluten free and vegan. The chips are made from green peas and offer 1 1/2 servings of veggies in every ounce, have 80 percent less fat than potato chips and have 75 milligrams of sodium per ounce.





CarpeVITA Natural Products is a mission-driven company, holding true to high standards in quality, taste and healthfulness. We endeavor to make a positive impact on the health of Americans by providing them with healthful and nutritious products that are affordable and effective.

Our herbal supplements, teas and spices pack in the medicinal benefits you need to lead a sustainable healthy lifestyle amidst a fast-paced world.





Eden Foods began in Ann Arbor in the late 1960s with friends sourcing natural food. Youth motivated by a study of a worldwide phenomenon centered upon macrobiotics: eating a diet of whole grain and seasonal local plant foods that are not nutrient depleted and without toxic chemical adulteration. In 2009 Eden Foods was selected as the best food company in the world, and the third best company overall by The Better World Shopping Guide. They acknowledged Eden's outstanding record in social and environmental responsibility. The company earned A+ and A ratings in ten food categories.




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