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March 15-17 • New Jersey Convention Center • 97 Sunfield Ave, Edison NJ 08837







Regular Free Lectures are Listed at this LINK.

Eric Pearl George Noory Colette Baron-Reid Deborah King
Charles Virtue Robert Ohotto Carol Bowman Joseph Tittel
  Inna Segal Kaya & Christiane




Please note: Speaker times are subject to slight modification. Check for updates.

Guest Speakers



New Jersey Convention Center
Edison, NJ

March 15-17


All guest speaker tickets also require the purchase of a General Admission ticket to get into the expo.


Please note: All lectures and events run from approximately 1 1/2 hours.


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Explore the New Frequencies of Healing


Sunday, March 17 ~ 1pm


Tickets: $39 order here


Tap into the extraordinary new bandwidth of energy, light and information permeating the planet and use it to heal others, your loved ones and yourself. Reconnective Healing is an all-encompassing new spectrum of healing that allows us to completely transcend energy healing and the myriad energy healing techniques known today, both old and new. One of the many things that makes Reconnective Healing unique is that it brings about healings that are often instantaneous and tend to last for the person’s lifetime. And the only tools required are your consciousness and presence.


Eric Pearl will discuss this remarkable story and give live demonstrations of the healings. Find out what leading scientists are discovering about Reconnective Healing, as hospitals and universities around the world embrace it. Learn how you, too, can master this work!


The Reconnection founder Eric Pearl has been featured in top media including The New York Times and CNN; he has presented at leading venues including the United Nations and Madison Square Garden; and his best-selling book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in more than 36 languages, has been endorsed by notables including Deepak Chopra, MD and Wayne Dyer, PhD.


Dr. Eric Pearl on Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Eric Pearl, our featured guest speaker for our March
Mind Body Spirit Expo, appeared on the Dr. Oz Show on
January 30. The segments featured a discussion of
Pearl's Reconnective Healing, a demonstration, audience participation, and more.
Watch these segments at these links
on Dr. Oz's website:


Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Special Segment







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An Afternoon with George Noory


Reception: Saturday, March 16 ~ 12pm


Reception (includes hors d'oeuvres, Free Expo General Admission Ticket, front rows 1-3 seating at event). Tickets: $70 order here


Event: Saturday, March 16 ~ 1pm


Rows 4 to back, Tickets: $35 order here


Join us for a fantastic afternoon with George Noory, host of the nationally syndicated radio show Coast To Coast AM and Gaiam TVs “Beyond Belief with George Noory”. After a brief talk on the curious and unexplained, George Noory will open up the room to questions. Maybe you have a question about a topic that the main stream media does not touch? Alternative health, talking to the dead, conspiracies, time travel--anything and everything is a potential subject that can be explored in this unique setting with someone who establishes a non-judgemental setting where controversial ideas and intriguing facts are brought into the light.


This is a rare appearance by George in this part of the country, so you won’t want to miss this! Tickets will sell fast, so order soon!


George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM is, by far, the most popular late-night radio program in the United States. His books include Worker in the Light: Unlock Your Five Senses and Liberate Your Limitless Potential, Journey to the Light: Find Your Spiritual Self and Enter into a World of Infinite Opportunity, and Talking to the Dead.




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Messages from Spirit...Your Destiny


Saturday, March 16 ~ 3pm


1st 5 rows: $50 order here


Rows 6 to back, Tickets: $35 order here


In this lively interactive workshop internationally respected intuitive Colette Baron-Reid will demonstrate by doing readings on random select audience members how we can tap into the vast sea of shared consciousness to connect to one another, access information beyond the time/space continuum about our fate and destiny and even make contact to our deceased loved ones, pets and guides from other dimensions! Through readings and powerful interactive exercises Colette Baron-Reid will present to you the ultimate truth that:-“we are more than we know”.


Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally renowned Intuitive Counselor, Psychic- Medium, Coach, and Life Strategist. Through a 23–year practice, Colette has advised over 35,000 individual clients in 29 countries. She is the founder of the Master Intuitive Coach® Institute providing certification programs centered around her trademarked cutting edge energy psychology technique the IN-Vizion® Process. Her books and best selling oracle cards are translated into 25 languages. She is a popular guest on TV and radio – has appeared on Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Lisa Oz on Oprah and Friends, Her latest book release Jan 2013 is the highly anticipated book that explains why our evolving sensitivity to the energies of the world is the cause of why we’re overweight and gives proven cutting edge techniques of how to release it! -Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much®




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Life Purpose and Divine Manifestation


Sunday, March 17 ~ 11am


Tickets: $35 order here


Find and follow your purpose, change your life forever. We all have goals, whether big or small, immediate or long-term, life is a desire-driven force. Manifestation is the act of turning your thoughts into reality; something we do every day without realizing the power of the process.


This workshop will focus on clearing blocks specifically pertaining to manifesting abundance, health, love and happiness in your life. Charles will lead the group through a clearing meditation to remove any feelings of guilt, doubt and logical override and allowing the divine universal energy to flow to and from you as naturally as a river. Allow yourself to finally open up, on a soul level, to be completely in the divine flow - feel the empowerment of knowing that what you have been guided to turn your desires into reality.




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Harnessing Your Intuitive Power


Saturday, March 16 ~ 11am


Tickets: $35 order here


What is intuition? How can you develop yours to work like a compass of Destiny to best guide you in all areas of your life? What are the major blocks to receiving intuitive guidance? Come join world renowned Intuitive and Author Robert Ohotto for a special speaking engagement and find out the answers to all these powerful questions and more! Discover how to practically develop your intuition and apply it in love, relationships, career, finance, and to healing your life! You’ll learn new strategies to enhance your intuition while exploring why esteem is an essential key in hearing your intuitive guidance. Find out how intuition works as your GPS system of Life Purpose and how to read your own coordinates. You can count on Robert to keep it real, entertaining, and illuminating in this ground-breaking workshop that will leave you attuned to your inner voice like never before.


Robert Ohotto, author of the best-selling book Transforming Fate into Destiny, is a world-renowned radio show host, intuitive counselor/coach, and pioneering presence in the fields of multisensory development and human consciousness. Visit:




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Past Life Regression and Healing


Sunday, March 17 ~ 11am


Tickets: $40 order here


In this lecture, Carol Bowman will explain how past life memories can emerge in childhood and influence our present personalities. She will share cases from her practice that describe how past life memories can heal. You will then have the opportunity to experience your own past life memories in a group past life regression.


Carol Bowman, MS, is an internationally known author, past life therapist, workshop leader, and pioneer in reincarnation studies. She has the unique perspective of being one of the world’s foremost authorities on children’s spontaneous past life memories, as well as a seasoned past life regression therapist for adults. Carol trained as a past life therapist for adults after she had a life-changing past life regression in 1986, which cured her of chronic lung ailments and confirmed feelings that she had since childhood of having been here before, specifically of having died in WWII. Since then she has worked with thousands of clients to help them access their own past life memories for healing and insight.


Her two books about children’s memories, Children’s Past Lives and Return From Heaven, have been translated into eighteen languages. She has appeared on Oprah, Unsolved Mysteries, ABC Primetime, Good Morning America, and numerous other TV documentaries and radio shows. She is the only past life regression therapist with a link on James Van Praagh’s website.




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Messages from the Other Side


Sunday, March 17 ~ 3pm


Tickets: $50 order here


Join Joseph Tittel for a special afternoon in which he will briefly discuss the dying process where you will learn the following: Learn how the deceased communicate with us and the signs they show. Learn what happens to our spirit during the dying process. Learn about your guardian angels and spirit guides. Then Joseph will conduct with Spirit and reunite many with their deceased loved ones. The event will close with a questions segment allowing some of those who did not receive a message to ask Joseph a life question.


Internationally renowned Medium, Author & Radio Personality Joseph Tittel, aka Spiritman Joseph, has been voted one of Ghost Voices Magazine’s Best Mediums in 2011. Joseph has been tested by Celebrity Medium James Van Praagh and is now listed as a recommended Medium on his website. He is known throughout the world for the accuracy of his yearly world predictions. Among other successful predictions, he predicted Michael Jackson’s death, the descent of a plane into the Hudson River, and the recent disaster in Japan. Joseph is also the host of one of BlogTalkRadio’s top spirituality shows Journey Into The Paranormal, and has appeared on The Travel Channel’s Mysterious Journeys & Lifetime’s America’s Psychic Challenge.




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The Secret Language of Color

Learn to Heal Using the Power of Color


Sunday, March 17 ~ 3pm


Tickets: $25 order here


This powerful workshop is based on Inna’s best-selling book and color card deck ‘The Secret Language of Your Body’. Learn about the various components of colors and how to use the amazing power of color to connect to your ‘Divine Healing Intelligence’.


Inna will guide participants through a powerful meditation, using color healing to release negative thoughts and emotions as well as a powerful process of using color for pain relief.


Inna Segal from Australia is the best-selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body and The Secret Language of Color Cards. She has created over 30 audio programs and travels the world leading Visionary Intuitive Healing® training programs.




To order book and card deck from Amazon.com click on book cover.


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Angels, Dreams & Signs


Saturday, March 16 ~ 12pm


Tickets: $25 order here


Introduction to discover the origin of Angels and how to become an Angel, to integrate their Qualities and Powers. Through simple stories, learn how to incarnate the Qualities of Angels in your daily life and to decode the symbolic language of dreams, signs & coincidences with a Symbolic Consciousness and discover that we can interpret concrete situations just like a dream. Christiane will also present Angelica Meditation.


Period of questions to follow on how to work with The Traditional Study of Angels; analysis and interpretation of dreams & signs shared by participants who wish it by Kaya.




A former Pop Star in Canada, KAYA walked away from fame to pursue a deep inner spiritual calling. His profound angelic encounters and intensive dream work led to his emergence as an international spiritual teacher presenting in more than 12 countries around the world. A renowned dream interpretation specialist, he has spent over 17 years researching the topic and his books have been sold in over 31 countries. Considered by many to be a modern Sage, KAYA now infuses his gifts as a performer and spiritual teacher to bring his transcendent message to the world, along with his wife, Christiane. www.kayadreams.com



A native of Switzerland, Christiane Muller was a Human Resources Manager in a Swiss bank in Geneva, and also in executive positions working alongside some of the wealthiest men in Europe. She left her prestigious career after she experienced a major spiritual transformation during a trip to India. She then pursued the path of a healer and humanitarian. A series of profound dreams and signs prompted her to move to Canada where she met her soulmate and husband KAYA. Along with KAYA, she co-founded the UCM Foundation, a publishing house and spiritual school called Universe/City Mikael (UCM), as well as, a Health Clinic called Angelica Yoga (Quebec). She is a gifted spiritual and meditation teacher, who has also introduced a new Yoga inspired by traditional yoga with the 72 Angels. www.ucm.ca


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Saturday 6pm - Main Ballroom



Free Concert - Suggested Donation: $10


After being a successful recording artist in Canada, KAYA, had a major spiritual transformation and lived like a hermit for many years. Now as a performer and best selling author on the subject of Angels & Dream Interpretation, he shares his uplifting messages conveyed through his music and books. He will perform selections from his latest CD, Born Under The Star Of Change, and talk about his profound life experience that led him to the study and understanding of Angel, Dreams and Signs. A Q&A session and book signing of his new book will follow the event.