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The Mind Body Spirit Expo has been a vital presence in the Philadelphia Tri-State area for 17 years, with expos that have, by far, had the greatest attendance and the greatest number of exhibitors of any previous or contemporary natural health and human potential expos in the region.  We offer sponsors an ideal way to reach our large base of attendees and those who view or hear our advertizing. There are two tiers of sponsorship to meet your budget and your needs.


Depending on the venue and our guest speakers, our weekend attendance per expo is generally between 5,000 to 7,500. These are real numbers and not the imaginary highly-inflated numbers promoted by some other holistic expos.


Our Philadelphia Tri-State expos serve the fifth largest market in the United States.


We also publish New Visions Magazine, a highly-respected full-color glossy distributed widely throughout the Philadelphia Tri-State (Eastern PA, Delaware, New Jersey) to places like health food stores, chiropractic offices, cafes, Whole Food stores, etc.  Print run is generally 50-55,000 copies, distributed over a thousand locations, with an estimated readership of 210,000.  Each of our expos gets a special New Visions issue, which expands the expo’s reach and advertizing significantly.


The quality of our special guest speakers is unmatched by any expo on the East Coast.  Renowned speakers like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Dr. Andrew Weil, Sylvia Browne and James Van Praagh have enlightened and delighted our attendees. Whenever these big names are contracted for one of our expos, they also bring with them, from event links on their websites, a large readership curious about their appearance, expanding our reach even further.


A considerable amount of our budget is spent on advertizing. This money goes to tv and radio campaigns, print media, billboards, as well as the internet: social media (Facebook-over 1,400 current members, Twitter), Google Ads, and YouTube videos. 


We also send out regular emails to our database of over 23,000.


Hits at Mind Body Spirit Expo website for our recent expo showed nearly 30,000 for one month, with more than half being unique visitors, and close to 14,000 the previous month, with 9,000 being unique.  These are people we target through key words and phrases, so that when they come on our site, they already have an interest in natural health and food, and human potential and spirituality. If you wish to reach this clientele, being a sponsor of our expo would be an excellent and efficient way of doing so.


Taking in the varied and wide range of advertizing and promotion that we do, we can safely estimate that at least half a million people, easily, hear about our expo in one way or another, from TV to the internet, from billboards to New Visions Magazine, and would also hear about a sponsor to the expo.


As the premier natural health and human potential expo on the East Coast, we offer a splendid opportunity for a sponsor to reach our base of attendees and all those who read, hear or see the advertizing the varied advertizing we do.


CONTACT US at 215-627-0102 to find out more

about becoming a Sponsor of the Mind Body Spirit Expo.